Advanced Tools, Distinctions and Practices for the highly-gifted, high-performance, heart-centered, innovative, disruptive, entrepreneurial Change Angels and Master Teachers.
Master Nigel is typically working directly, one on one, (behind the scenes), with me,  the chief, or the ambitious, highly-gifted, extra-ordinary, out-of-the box individual, who has desires or intentions of being known as “The #1”,  or  "The Greatest" or “The Disruptor” in my industry or profession ... while I am making massive beneficial changes in the world.

His specific service, for which he is highly compensated, is engaging me (his client), in a proprietary form of thinking methodology called "Activation Conversations”. This typically results in me experiencing sudden massive explosions in my mastery performance and in my capacity for sourcing and contributing insane amounts of value at ludicrous speeds.
Master Nigel’s “Activation Conversations” covers the full gamut of my world, including my Life’s Calling, Global Impact, Business Performance, Health, Relationships, and Personal Lifestyle.
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