Like the character  Morpheus in the movie the Matrix ... Master Nigel Henry is typically working directly ... behind the scenes .... with me Neo  ...  the Highly-Gifted  Influential  Leader or ... the Innovative Entrepreneur ...  who has a strong calling or intense desire for making massive beneficial changes in my community or organization  ...  especially when my mission involves liberating people from limiting systemic conditions.

Master Nigel is the creator and marketer of  "Human  Greatness Activation"  ( HGA)  ... a customizable collection of advanced  Mastery tools,  Mastery Distinctions, and Mastery Practices ... that  I can use for miraculously "Activating & Unleashing The Greatness" in myself and others.

 The kind of results that I can expect from engaging with  HGA  includes  ... a sudden massive explosion in my level of awareness,  upgrades in my ways of "seeing" the world,   quantum leaps in my level of personal and professional performance, and activation of my "Super-Power"  for channeling  Value through myself and others.

Here are some examples ...

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