Human Greatness Activation

Complimentary Session Application

These Complimentary Activation Sessions are strictly for the GreatOnes like me, who simply knows in my heart that I am incarnated as the Master or model for:
  • Demonstrating such clarity about my core identity, gifts, purpose, values and vision that the "Source" is being compelled to fulfill them through me.
  • ​Speaking my heart-intentions with such "bad assery" that myself and others are now moving mountains and working miracles on a daily bases.
  • Aligning my thinking, actions and emotions with my heart-intentions so that I am always flowing with graceful, effortless, endless super-power. 
  • Using fears, problems, issues, worries, and concerns for unleashing "Turbo-Assisted" performance in the business and personal affairs of self and others.
  • Contributing so much humungus value per second that my audiences are being overwhelmed with their experience of "Heaven Here On Earth".
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