Powerful Tools, Distinctions and Practices for the highly-gifted, disruptive, high-performance, heart-centered, innovative, entrepreneurial Change Angels and Master Teachers.

At My Core ...

  • I know that I am an extra-ordinary, out-of-the-box, heart-centered, multi-gifted, super-powerful, disruptive, entrepreneurial super-being ... who is incarnated as a model, reminder and catalyst for human greatness.
  • I identify with the archetypes of ... Mystic, Master Teacher, Sage, Saint, Oracle, Usher, Seer, Prophet, Magician, Wise Advisor, Change Angel, Morpheus, Merlin, Neo, etc.
  • ​I am deeply engaged in the practices of Spiritual Awareness, Mental Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Physical Health and High Performance Manifesting.
  • I am practicing modeling the core values of ... Honesty, Awareness, Responsiveness, Precision, Integrity, Courage, Generosity, Unity, Commitment and more.

Currently In My Life ...

  • I am playing many roles which often includes ... CEO, Visionary, Thought-Leader, Orchestrator, Minister, Healer, Influencer, Innovator, Disrupter,  Investor, Change Maker, Orchestrator, Activator, etc.
  • I am practicing and teaching the essence, principles and mastery of Health, Relationships, Lifestyles, Finances and Vocations.  
  • I am deeply interested in the topics that are impacting the development and unfoldment humanity including ... Spirituality, Economics, Technology, Ecology, Philosophy, History, Metaphysics, Astrology, Antology, Linguistics, Art, Politics, Business, Philanthropy and more. 
  • I am now answering my "Life's Calling" ... which is demanding that I come out of isolation  and start modeling and teaching my extra-ordinary genius, gifts and super-powers with the rest of humanity.

My Next Level Of Greatness ...

I know in my heart that this involves activating people ... so that they are also now: 
  • Creating the environments that are ushering in new paradigms, new ideas and new dimensions of life for experiencing "Heaven Here On Earth". 
  • Elevating their levels of awareness and their capacity for contributing massive beneficial value in the world.
  • Creating in lucrative opportunities from their perceptions of fear, problems, concerns, crises and other adversities.  
  • Performing magic and miracles in their lives and in the lives of others. 
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